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Join Our Blogging Team!

Join Our Blogging Team!
(Note: portions of this post appeared on my personal blog) As many of you may be aware, chief job stalker Brendan has been working on a project that has been taking up much of his time. My freelance activities, and new Chicago Now blog (focusing on my professional interests), are taking up more of my... Read more »

"The Job Stalker" on ChicagoNow Radio!

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I was off for a radio interview with Bill Leff on the ChicagoNow show (which, naturally enough, features bloggers from this site) on WGN-AM this morning.  Just in case you weren’t glued to your radio for this momentous event, I figured I’d pop in with a rare weekend posting. Fortunately,... Read more »

Goodbye, XOXO - The Job Stalker

This will be my last entry as The Job Stalker. I start my new job Monday, and I hope the folks at ChicagoNow will be able to pass this blog on to another job stalker who might be willing to blog about their adventures and add a little humor to life on the auction block.... Read more »