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Job Seeking Tips For Any Age

Job Seeking Tips For Any Age
Sometimes, when seeking work (either freelance or full-time), I find myself reading many articles that clearly define an issue…and some that make them more complex. On the “clearly defining” the issue, Kyle Lagunas (HR Analyst for Software Advice) e-mailed me and asked me write about an article he wrote on job seeking advice for Generation... Read more »

Well, there you go ...

I guess I should just give up trying to make sense of the Twitter data flow, at least in relation to the limited amount of time that I’ve been able to give it in the waning days of the Census (I did get renewed for the next phase, but it should only be another few... Read more »

Links for your weekend ...

Sorry to have not posted much this week.  I’ve been trying to put together something on using LinkedIn for the job search, but my own personal use of LinkedIn is more of an adjunct to my networking, so I’ve not quite gotten to the point of being able to make substantial suggestions for how to... Read more »

Some more reading ... / CC BY 2.0 Sorry for not being in here with posts on a more frequent basis, but I’ve been out of the house so much the past week with networking events that I’ve not had the time to sit down and compose entries that would be useful to my readers.  Now, I could,... Read more »