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Getting Schooled in Non-Profit Job Stalking

Getting Schooled in Non-Profit Job Stalking
Yes, I admit it – I sometimes listen and heed the advice of career coaches. One such piece of advice is to connect with my school’s alumni associations, and since I was a alumnus of Loyola here in Chicago (getting both my bachelor’s and master’s while attending classes in three different classes), I took advantage... Read more »

I've been somewhat distracted ...

I’ve been worried about this for several weeks, but here it is … a “thin” week for links!  Not only is one of these the piece by Seth Godin that was featured on Monday, but there’s just a dozen over-all.  Of course, I have “an excuse” of having a lot of my attention taken up... Read more »

Guest Post: Ford R. Myers ...

We’re trying something a bit different today, instead of a “job industry profile” on Wednesday, I contacted one of the authors previously featured in The Job Stalker, Ford R. Myers of Career Potential, about providing a guest post.  The idea came from an e-mail notice (I do subscribe to the newsletters of several of the... Read more »

'Evil' Job Boards?

My favorite misery to strike the unemployed in recent years: the pay-to-search job board. It reminds me a lot of that ginormous sixth-grader that agreed not to pummel me if I gave her my Doritos and a “toll” at recess.T Since I’m looking for jobs in public relations, a LinkedIn connection thoughtfully offered up PRCrossing, a for-pay search agent that,... Read more »