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Since things around The Job Stalker have sort of slid back to me, I have been keeping an eye out for interesting things to drop in here from time-to-time. Today I ran across something along those lines, so I'm back in your blogosphere.

The piece in question is from The Social Media Monthly and is entitled Why Facebook’s Open Graph Search Can Be a Job Seeker’s Worst Nightmare … which pretty much cuts to the chase, doesn't it?

As long-time readers of this space may recall, I've been a “social media guy” since well before they slapped the name on it, so I've had to deal with the reality that my “digital footprint” is so wide-spread that I have no hope of hiding it at this point (I've been blogging for over a dozen years, and much of that was indulging in “rant mode”, real popular with Hiring Managers … not), but this raised some new red flags, which I figured I'd share.

Anyway, here's a bit from the article:

As more and more employers admit to using Facebook as a research tool for potential job candidates, many Facebook users simply do not take into consideration the possibility that public information like photos uploaded to Facebook may be scrutinized by the same people who will play an important part in their professional lives.

However Open Graph search presents a further problem. Arguably some of the most potentially embarrassing information uploaded to Facebook—photos—are not uploaded by the users themselves but by their friends. Of course, these photos are subject to the privacy settings specified by the friend, and are easily discovered not just by potential employers but by anyone who uses Facebook.

This means even if you have your own account locked down, public photos of you are still easily found with Open Graph because they have been uploaded by friends.

Obviously, the advice here is largely targeted to the younger job seeker, but the warnings about Facebook's evolving omniscience-for-hire being used as a filter to round-file your resume is something to keep in mind in every job search!

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