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Help WantedWell … so here we are. Frankly, I'd sort of moved on from being The Job Stalker, having felt that I'd passed the reins along to others. However, they have moved on as well, which is why there's not been a post in this space in quite a while, just about four months by the looks of it.

As you may recall, I'd been writing this for over two and a half years … with many a “close call” on getting un-unemployed. Frankly, last summer I'd been brought on board to an odd little project as their CTO, which was looking quite exciting until the wheels fell off. As is the story with most of my nearly-employed situations, I never got paid, and what had seemed to have been a great gig evaporated just-like-that after 10 intensive weeks of 12-hour-plus days, pretty much 7 days a week. Trust me, the reality is even stranger … there may be a book in it someday.

Anyway, when that hit, I was happy to turn the blog over to Gordon, who had been co-authoring for a while. But his situation changed (unfortunately not into a full-time gig either), and he had to back out of this last October. We'd had some discussions with other folks who might have been interested in taking over being The Job Stalker, but nothing gelled and so the blog went dormant.

Frankly, what brings me back here was setting up a new blog that I'm going to be co-authoring as part of a team, Green Tech Chicago, which will be debuting in the next few days. Since I was poking around in the innards of Chicago Now's WordPress backbone, I decided to pop my head in here and see what I might do about finding the next "Job Stalker".

I was always noting that, out of all the slots in the Chicago Now universe (which now spans hundreds of blogs, not the couple of dozen like when I first came on board!), The Job Stalker has to be the least appealing, as to sit in this particular chair, you have to be a) unemployed, b) looking for work, and c) willing to write about it on a regular basis (oh, and d) be from the immediate Chicago area). This isn't a fandom or a hobbyist's gig, it's not the voice of a job-industry expert, or a recruiter, this is “tales from the trenches” of the job search … which can be a pretty painful experience if your life's been turned upside down. Trust me, I know … I've still not landed that “next job” (full-time, at least – I'm doing a good deal of consulting and freelance work) since May 2009 … almost 4 years now (if you don't count those 10 unpaid weeks last summer!).

If you're a good writer, who can produce a few hundred words of copy a couple of times a week, and fit the “requirements” of being The Job Stalker, leave a comment below to let us know you might be interested in taking over penning this blog. The Powers That Be at Chicago Now have expressed an interest in having this blog (which was one of the original handful back in 2009) continue … but they'd also prefer that I passed the baton within the context of the blog.

Are you a writer looking for work who's willing to do your job search in public? Let us know!

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