Links to Help With Post-Olympic Withdrawal

Links to Help With Post-Olympic Withdrawal

This week, have to admit - I'm in a bit of a creative lull.

Reading a job-related book for review for the next few weeks; several key networking events (including a breakfast and meetup on Thursday), and I'm starting to gain some traction in terms of freelance work. (Still plugging away at the job search, and taking care of a sick parent....well, that can be a challenge, and is a post for another day).

So in that spirit, here are a group of links all about related issues to job seeking. Enjoy!

Thanks for allowing me this (relatively) brief post while I'm gearing up on some projects, and closing others. As always,  you can always connect with me via Linked In (and be sure to mention Job Stalker), or contact me via
As always, thanks for reading!

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