Through A Glass Door (Dot Com) Brightly

Through A Glass Door (Dot Com) Brightly

Occasionally, there will be a unique confluence of events - things happen which seem a little too convenient to be coincidental, but not enough to seem forced. So when I discovered Glassdoor just a few weeks before being asked to write about it by a blogging pal of just seemed natural for me to sit and talk about it.

Because I am finding that Glassdoor is a really good tool, especially for research into private sector companies.

Calling Glassdoor "a Yelp for job seekers" would not be too far from the mark - in fact, it builds upon the kind of information provided on  Linked In's Company Pages.  Besides job listings, Glassdoor also provides members the opportunity to post reviews, salary information, even feedback on job interviews (mostly, how did the company handle themselves). Although focused primarily on the private sector, admittedly I have not done much research into non-profit agencies on the site. (Of course, my default for non-profit searches is Guidestar, and I'm mostly looking at financial information on that site).

Thankfully, most of the member reviews/insights into companies are not all disgruntled or excessively positive - in fact, most of the shares are very well thought-out, articulate, and provide insight into corporate culture and handlings. (Yes, reviews are anonymous, but thankfully, that has meant greater candor rather than discord in sharing). Interview postings often include questions asked, behavior of the interviewer, and other factors involved. The main drawback is that the focus in primarily on larger companies, with some smaller companies not present...but as a job research tool, this provides a very complimentary set of data to Linked In.

Membership on the site is "free", meaning that if you create an account (or connect via Facebook), your only requirement is to provide a review of a company to continue membership. (Glassdoor also allows you to see possible Facebook connections with potential employees). As a job search tool, I'm finding it a good secondary tool to Linked In, but Glassdoor is definitely a site to consider, especially when it comes to doing some full-blooded research into an employer.

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