Job Stalking Tips....of Bronze!

Job Stalking Tips....of Bronze!

Given that today is a national holiday, when we celebrate our independence, I thought I would draft a unique essay by using a character who is a cornerstone of Amercan popular culture - a hidden cornerstone - and basically use that as a way to discuss the job hunt.

Doc Savage will be celebrating his 80th anniversary next year, and Doc is....well, he was the first superhero. Really.  Just take a look at his Wikipedia entry, and you'll agree that most of our contemporary popular culture has been shaped by this single character. (And he's also available in reprint and audiobook form). But Doc also provides some really good, solid job seeking advice, and in an effort to entertain and enlighten you, here are some job stalking tips.....of bronze!

  • Being a job stalking pulp-esque hero takes many tools....and much discipline: Doc Savage was brought up and trained to fight evil and injustice. As part of his regular ritual, he performs a series of exercises to maintain his high physical standards. He also has invented a variety of gadgets which help him perform his tasks. As a job seeker, it's our duty to keep ourselves in good shape - not only dedicating daily time to job seeking activities, but also developing a variety of tools (both online and offline) which help keep us alive and thriving in the job search.
  • Sidekicks Can Be Very Helpful - Doc had five aides, each of whom was a specialist in a particular area. Although Doc was extremely intelligent, he also knew that being a hero also meant allowing others to shine. Whether it's having a group of fellow job seekers for accountability, or helping out someone else with no expectation of reward, having a network of supporters and "experts" can provide some well-needed inspiration when it comes to job seeking.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Structure Your Work - Lester Dent (who wrote the majority of Doc Savage pulps) had developed a formula for writing his stories. In addition,  when he would get stuck on one story, he would merely switch to another typewriter and focus on writing another one. That kind of discipline develops when focusing on the positive aspects of the work, and we job stalkers need to know when to change our strategy....and when to keep something that works.
  • If You Take Personal Time, Make It Memorable - thanks to a prolific and profitable writing career, Dent was able to go on many adventures, including sailing and treasure hunting.  Such escapades not only allowed him to decompress from a busy work schedule, but would often inspire him in his writing. Spending personal time wisely is extremely important - although many of us may never go treasure hunting, structuring our time to include "off" periods helps us recharge and move forward.

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