Job Seeking Tips For Any Age

Job Seeking Tips For Any Age

Sometimes, when seeking work (either freelance or full-time), I find myself reading many articles that clearly define an issue...and some that make them more complex.

On the "clearly defining" the issue, Kyle Lagunas (HR Analyst for Software Advice) e-mailed me and asked me write about an article he wrote on job seeking advice for Generation Y. It's a good article, outlining many practical tips for job seeking that anyone of any age can use...and quite honestly, it's worth bookmarking/forwarding via social media/driving people to read it. Short, concise, and full of good insight. It's the kind of article I wish were around when I was younger (and in terms of age....let's just say that, like Jack Benny, I've been 39 for quite awhile)...

Ironically, this came in the midst of a slight debate amongst the social media set. A young lady had blogger her belief that no social media manager should be older than 25. (She did not suggest, in all fairness, that those over 25 enter Carousel from Logan's Run). However, she was very politely reminded that sometimes younger is not better, and that experience can sometimes trump familiarity.

As I read this blog-based exchange, I was politely reminded that in my own search, I have lucked out with some clients. Many have cited that although they may have hired younger workers who were familiar with social media....these workers lacked the maturity and insight to think strategically. It's easy to believe there's a bias towards younger workers (just look at the responses to this note about reinventing one's career), but good job seeking behaviors are always smart, especially in fields like professional networking.

Job seeking is a challenge for anyone of any age, which is why I really appreciated what Kyle wrote in his post. Smart job stalking requires reminders of the basics....and that's good advice for anyone of any age.

Just a few items in closing:

As always, thanks for reading!

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