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One of the topics that I keep returning to here is that of Networking … getting out of your house, perhaps getting out of “your comfort zone”, and rubbing elbows with other folks at events in the general context of what you're looking for in your job search. As I've mentioned, I try very hard to get out to 2-4 events a week, which range from actual “networking” events to presentations, seminars, and the various things found on or

On the subject of networking, I had intended on bringing you a “book feature” on Bette Daoust's Networking: 150 Ways to Promote Yourself, which I recently finished. However, it was sufficiently “off target” for me (heck, it was bizarre in that it came out in 2005 but mostly sounded like it was aimed at Mayberry in the 1940's!) that I couldn't really recommend it. You can click through to my review, however, if you want to check it out.

Speaking of checking networking things out, my co-Job Stalker, Gordon Dymowski, had been approached by the Spertus Institute about getting the word out on a networking event that they're hosting on May 31st*. I see that Gordon already mentioned this, but I figured I'd put it in here as well as an example of the sort of event that you might consider that's a bit “out of the box”. While I'm familiar with Spertus (and have even sent a resume for an opening down there at one point!), it's not really “my thing” … but in the very state of it not “being my thing”, my attending this puts me in contact with a whole room full of people that I very likely would not have been exposed to otherwise. Aside from being diligent in finding things to attend, it helps to “stretch” a bit in the interest of expanding one's reach!

Anyway, at long last, here's another set of links … sorry about missing the past couple of weeks, but as I've mentioned in my recent posts, things have been crazy, and the Job Stalker “link dumps” ended up as the something that “had to give”. Hope you find these useful:

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What does it mean to “be yourself” in an interview?

As always, these have been melded into to “big list o'links”, now up to a whopping 55 pages … a handy, clickable, .pdf e-book version of which can be snagged here: TJS-LinkList-120518.pdf

And, just in case you felt “teased” by the book non-feature above, I should have another actual “job search” book to bring you on Monday!

*Hopefully they will have fixed this by the time you read this, but the link for the RSVP has a typo in it, so your e-mail will bounce ... the address is correct as written on the site, the error's in the coding of the "mail to" link ... so if you're wanting to RSVP, either cut-and-paste the e-mail address or manually add the "r" that's missing from!

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