The Co-Working Games

The Co-Working Games

Yes, in a little less than a month after writing about the topic, I'm revisiting the topic of co-working, or "getting together with others to work on freelance work".

Now granted, the more cynical of you might be thinking, "Wait a minute, Gordon, if you're freelancing, doesn't that count as working?"  To which I would respond by saying, "First, read my previous post, and secondly, yes, but freelancing's much more erratic." But that has little to do with today's post.

Getting together with other job seekers and freelancers provides some great opportunities for me to stay "in the game", including

  • Allowing me to take the typical job search advice about getting out of the house once in awhile;
  • Providing ample networking opportunities - everything from learning who's hiring to places to avoid, from potential contacts to cool, free spaces to work;
  • Some semblance of accountability - for example, it's hard for me to claim that I'm revising my Linked In profile if I'm really playing Angry Birds;
  • Sharing needed resources, insights, and guidance for those who need it;
  • Focused time to work on updating my resume, locating and pursuing job and freelance leads, and reaching back to my recruiters;
  • A chance to focus on catching up on projects both professional and personal - which for me, at least, includes various online writing assignments, co-planning a podcast, and shaping an online television show about a British science fiction franchise; and
  • Some well-needed face time with other human beings as needed. Because job stalking should rarely be done alone.

Yes, it sounds like a lot. And each time I'm out, I rarely complete all of the tasks I lay out ahead of me, but I make huge strides in my accomplishment. So I often end up leaving every co-working session with a feeling that I got quite a bit done....which is probably why I rarely, if ever, rant about my job search situation - I'm too busy actually making headway. (Of course, very few interviews have happened in the past few weeks, but that will change. I know it).

In that spirit, please join me and several other members of the Chicago Between Jobs Linked In group for a semi-official co-working session. Here are the details:

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact me either the comments below or via my web site.

As always, thanks for reading!

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