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What? A Job Stalker post on Tuesday? Yeah, I know, it's bizarre … but I had a couple of things that weren't places I was wanting to send resumes off to in my Chrome tab bar, that weren't exactly fodder for the link list, and I was afraid they'd get lost before I'd figure out what to do with them. So, I figured I'd drop a random post.

The first of these is From The Government … and I have a “history” with this, but am still bringing it to you, because I'm a swell guy like that. I don't think I bitched about this in here, but a week or so back I'd “cleared the deck” for paying full attention to this webinar that Illinois Work Net was putting on, and I couldn't get into the program at all … coming up with all sorts of stupid random error messages, which I, of course, blamed on the fact that it was “government work”. However, they've been pretty efficient on the follow-up, and this is a Resource Page which includes the previous webinars (needless to say, it was one of the Social Media ones that I'd been looking to check out). Now, I've not actually sat through this yet (hey, I blocked the time once, going to take a while to manage that again), so I can't vouch for the usefulness, but they've got a bunch of them there, plus a bunch of other stuff.

The next one I have even less to say about, having just had it pop up in my Twitter stream, but it looked interesting … it bills itself as a web event on the most cutting-edge job search tools and strategies for today's professional and is on noon next Tuesday (April 3). Figured I'd pass it along.

Anyway, that's it … a couple of webinar things that you might find interesting. You'll no doubt be hearing from Gordon tomorrow, and I'll be back here at the end of the week with fresh links!

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