No, I didn't win it either …

So, here I am again, not the winner of the humongous Mega Millions prize. Bummer. I wrote a post over in my main blog about it. Oddly, the first of the links this week is on the subject of the lottery, go figure.

Have a couple of observations today … you know how those “thanks, but no thanks” emails that come out from some companies after they've decided that they “are moving forward with other candidates that better align with our current business needs” (or whatever boiler-plate rejection they use), often will say that “we will keep your resume on file for additional positions that may open up”? Yeah, my reaction has always been “sure you will”, too.

However, I got a call yesterday from an organization that I've not fired off a resume to in months (although I have applied for various positions there over the past couple of years), saying that I looked good for a position they were trying to fill and inviting me in for an interview next week! I'm floored by this, because, in my job search, interviews are few and far between (I probably get one face-to-face meeting for every hundred resumes sent out), so I'm pretty excited about this.

The other observation … in the form of a question: have you ever sat in on a “webinar” that was worth the time you blocked out for it? I don't think I have, which makes me both gun-shy and quite cynical about any group out there asking hundreds of dollars to sit in on a webinar (not that, in my unemployed state, I'd actually consider paying for one of these, but I get a dozen pitches a week for them!).

Now, I realize that this is somewhat ironic, as in my last post here I was passing along info about some upcoming webinars … however, this week I got suckered into cutting big chunks out of my days to sit through some really pointless stuff being presented as “webinars”. One of these had a MAJOR “big name” from the Social Media sphere, and I was really embarrassed for him because the program was little more than a 75-minute commercial for some training program that he (and his far-more-active “partner” in this) were offering! I was feeling totally scammed by the end of it, and it sure hurt his “personal brand” in my eyes.

This is the downside of the ease with which people can enter the “expert” field these days. Somebody with only a rudimentary grasp on their subject (but an inflated sense of self-worth) can be cranking out web pages, guest blogs, videos, and courses … and if they follow the scammy templates out there, they're likely to net a certain number of suckers customers. This behavior is even being coached … here's a quote from my review of Tim Ferriss' “4-Hour Work Week”:  to be an “expert in the context of selling product means that you know more about the topic than the purchaser. No more. It is not necessary to be the best – just better than a small target number of your prospective customers.”  … I know a guy locally who, two years ago, hadn't even heard of Social Media, but within a year he was out there with a “consultancy” and paying clients, all based on being willing to SAY he was an expert.

I'm beginning to feel that 90% of the “webinars” out there are being done by people who have cojones of steel, have read one or two “For Dummies” books in their subject, bought an HD video camera, and can project enthusiasm on cue. As long as they can appear to know more “than a small target number” of people with valid credit cards, they're “experts”. This makes me very cranky.

Anyway … here are this week's links. Kind of hoped to have had this out yesterday (when the whole lottery thing was a hotter topic), but at least it's on the front end of the weekend!

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As always, these have been worked into the alphabetically-sorted “Big List O'Links”, a handy .pdf-file e-book now a whopping 53 pages in length, which can be downloaded by clicking here: TJS-LinkList-120330.pdf

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