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Aren't we all glad that Gordon Dymowski is doing regular Wednesday posts for The Job Stalker? Obviously, I'm having a hard time with regular postings here, so it's great that he's been able to keep things going here and avoiding long stretches of content-less silence. I have a whole litany of excuses why I've been a bit disengaged, but let's just focus on my a) doing a lot of networking events (which end up doing strange things to the predictability of my schedule), and b) my much-beloved netbook dying on me (right mid-sentence in the middle of cranking out a book review that will eventually show up here) this past Friday night … so, instead of my getting this post up on Friday, and the book review I was writing posted tonight, I'm scrambling to get the new links to you now. See … it's a matter of circumstances.

On top of this, I've been “nose to the grindstone” on pushing through web resources and churning out resumes, which is a horrible thing, running pretty much from when I wake up till when I fall asleep at the keyboard. This, because my freelance/consulting work had dried up, and I was feeling that “back to square one” stuff, putting panic into the mix. I have had, however, one “nibble” for a gig that would be awesome … but so far it's just been a phone pre-screen, with a couple of e-mail follow-ups. Any divine assistance that anybody would like to request for me would be appreciated!

Anyway, this is all to explain why I don't have a lot of more interesting material to bring you tonight. I do, however, have another dozen quality job-search links, which I hope you will find of use:

A “Monster” Guide To Online Networking

Tweeting For a Job - Finding Your Dream Job on Twitter

Alison Doyle's Job Search Guidebook [Kindle Edition]

[E-book] ‘Right Fit’ Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love

Where to Find Free or Low-Cost Job Training

Unemployment fairy tales


Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search?

Infographic: Where Your Resume Goes When You Apply for a Job

Why Is My Job Search Taking So Long?

4 Job Search Alternatives to Applying Online

How Do You Answer: How Long Have You Been Seeking Job Opportunities?

Of course, these have been mixed in with the other 50-some pages worth of fascinating links in the ever-growing “big list o'links”, a handy .pdf e-book of which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-120309.pdf

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