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As I've mentioned repeatedly, I try, on an on-going basis, to get out to 2-4 networking events of various types per week. If I manage less than two, I feel like I'm “slacking”, but I've discovered that if I grind out more than four in a week, I'm pretty wiped out, and want to spend the weekend on the couch.

These, of course, don't have to be “networking” events per se, but Meet Ups, organization get-togethers, conferences, workshops, etc., etc., etc. One that I got out to on Friday was the Creative Chicago Expo, another program put together by the City, which I'd heard about at one of the Social Media workshops that the Treasurer's Office had run a month or so back.

What specifically got me out of the house was a chance to hear Howard Tullman, of the Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy speak on “Entrepreneurship, Arts and the Social Web”. I'd heard Tullman speak previously, and figured he'd do a great talk for this audience, and was not disappointed. He's put a post up in his blog with the content of most of his slides, which is worth running through, and another of his recent posts has found its way into this week's list of links.

Aside from getting to hear a very good presentation, I ended up running into acquaintances from other events, and got a chance to schmooze with various exhibitors at the Expo (heck, I even “won” a tote bag for reciting a poem at one booth!). While I didn't have anything that specifically looked like it would move me forward on the job front, I was able to strengthen contacts with some, and make a few new contacts with others, all of which wouldn't be happening if I hadn't “gotten out there”. Always be looking for opportunities where you can let the random connection come your way!

Anyway, speaking of the links … here you go with this week's bunch:


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As you were no doubt expecting, this dozen has been carefully folded into the alphabetically-sorted melange of the Big List O'Links and can be snagged in all its .pdf e-book goodness by clicking here: TJS-LinkList-120323.pdf

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