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Here's something to put on your to-do list for this upcoming week … check out the Chicago Career Tech organization's training programs … the applications for the next round of these need to be in by March 23rd (this Friday)! More information is HERE

Personally, I'd be all over this, but because I've been out of work so long (and the last thing on my resume was “for equity” rather than pay) and haven't recently qualified for unemployment (again, see the site for more details), it appears that I can't get in on it … but it looks like it would be a GREAT deal for most other folks!

Founded in 2010, Chicago Career Tech is an innovative job-retraining initiative that closes the workforce skills gap by providing businesses with talented, retrained professionals to fill needed positions. Chicago Career Tech provides unemployed emerging- and middle-income Chicago residents with the new skills necessary to obtain and succeed in high demand technology-based careers.

Once again, I seem to, despite my best intentions, have not been able to get my “Friday post” out on Friday … I've got excuses, but, hey, at least it's coming out while it's still the weekend! Anyway, here's another dozen high-quality job links for you:

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This is the first time in a long time that I had duplicates sneak into my working file … one of the reasons that I started putting together the “big list o'links” was to make sure that I wasn't running into stuff that I'd already passed along to y'all … and this week in pulling this together I had two. Fortunately, I was half-way to having next week's links ready, so I was able to “cannibalize” from that to fill the gaps (hopefully this won't effect having next week's good-to-go on time). As always, the big alphabetically-sorted list has been updated with the new links, and a new iteration of the .pdf e-book file can be grabbed here: TJS-LinkList-120316.pdf

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