My Hyphenated Job Search

My Hyphenated Job Search

Like my fellow job stalker Brendan, I'm entering another year's worth of unemployment (although for me, it's year # 2). But in all honesty, it's not as dramatic....after all, I've been able to keep afloat, and then I realized (and by "realized" I mean "came to a conclusion after reading several online articles") that career wise, I share something in common with an increasing number of people - I've become a "slasher".

No, I'm not entering the horror movie business - I'm talking about a relatively new breed of worker. Those who are managing to make ends meet by working several jobs at once. There are many people who are doing this as a way to survive. It's not easy, but for the moment, it's actually....better than the alternative, which would be sitting, watching television, and feeling depressed.

Granted, it's not always easy in terms of time management - in fact, it means taking greater pains to make sure that I can cover my expenses and have an income. For me, it's a challenge to maintain a "professional attitude" towards freelance efforts (being sure that I maintain a regular work schedule). It's also a challenge to my overall character - admittedly, I'm so used to working a regular 9 to 5 (or thereabouts) position that my "weekends" are sometimes happening the middle of a regular week (say, Wednesday and Thursday being off days).

Part of the challenge for me currently is gaining new clients - one contract ended in January; another is expanding my role, but it means making sure that I not only have other revenue streams...but the time to complete the work. It means networking both in person and online, and including efforts not only to optimize my Linked In profile, but to make more of an effort to connect people.

It's also given me the chance to expand my creative horizons - although I am mulling over the thought of self-publishing a book, I was given the opportunity to write a web comic for possible publication. (Don't worry - will post the link at the appropriate time when and if it's published).  But it's also been a reminder - thanks to this extremely timely and insightful post - that when I'm working, I'm not my job, and when I'm seeking, I'm not my search. Even if that search consists of several hyphenated assignments.

But what do you think - do you have experiences with freelancing or job seeking that you wish to share? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. In addition, you can also connect with me via Linked In (just please let me know you're connecting because of Chicago Now), follow me on various social media sites, or check out my professional site at

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