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As I've noted previously, sometimes I have books to bring you here which aren't really about the job search per se, but have info that I think should be of interest. This is one of those cases. Obviously, Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything is Chris Brogan's approach for taking businesses into G+, however, it's such a clear look at this new Social Media platform, that it should be useful info for the job seeker as well.

Just to make sure, though, I also dug up a piece that I was going to be using for the end-of-the-week “link dump” (and, my apologies for not getting one of those up this past weekend, I was tied up with a lot of “family issues” and didn't get to a lot of stuff on the computer), HOW TO: Use Google+ For Your Job Search, which is Mashable's suggestions for using G+ in the job search.

I've featured Brogan's other books (Trust Agents and Social Media 101) here before, so you should be reasonably familiar with him. He's one of the “social media gurus” that brings a lot of legitimacy to his writing, and is probably best known as a blogger. In Google+ for Business he says:

Social Media and social networks are powerful tools to connect people. Period. This is true, no matter the motive. … Over the last few years, sharing and self-reporting have become a way of life for hundreds of millions of people. We use social media and social networks to give opinions, to seek advice, to report on our experience. A few scant years ago, it would have seemed strange to take picture of your food at a restaurant. But wow, how the times have changed. … This is a relatively new thing, this sharing of daily moments. Some of it is frivolous and silly, and yet, it's in those moments that serendipity takes over … When I talk about social media, I like to say this: “Social media is like a multifaceted phone, mixed with an awkward television, mixed with a publishing and media company.” What I mean is that you can use it to communicate, to consume interesting content, and to share information with a larger potential audience than what is traditionally available … The culture of sharing is what makes using Google+ both challenging and ultimately rewarding.

One of the best things about Brogan's approach here is that he really doesn't presuppose any familiarity with the platform, and so walks the reader step-by-step through the whole process of setting up a G+ account, managing one's “circles”, and beginning to use the system. If you've used social media at all in your job search, that experience (plus that Mashable piece) will set you up well for adding Google Plus to your tool sets. Again, this book is about using the G+ platform for business, but when in the job search, it IS your “business”, and much of this translates across without much adjustment. As always, more details on the book (which, if the FTC is poking around here, I did get as a free review copy from the folks at Que Publishing) can be found over in my review

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