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This is the first time in a long while where I didn't even have an interest in who won the Super Bowl. Just didn't care. Somehow neither the Giants nor the Patriots were able to spark either a sense of affiliation or antagonism in me. Up till this point in the playoffs I'd at least had an opinion (I was rooting for an “all-Harbaugh” finale, but that fell apart when both the 49rs and the Ravens lost in the conference championships) of who I'd like to see win or lose, but this time, nothing.

Frankly, I had to block out time for the game … Sundays are usually my “intensive” day for getting out resumes, as Twitter tends to be quiet, and I'm usually able to put the nose to the grindstone and crank out applications to jobs that I'd identified in my on-line research over the past week. Today was a doozie, though … I kept hitting “problem” sites like one that wanted you to cut-and-paste a text version of your resume into a form, but then limited the character count for that field to what was about 2/3rds of the length of my resume (plus the error message looked like it was being generated by the next field, for the cover letter, which caused me a lot of extra time). Why would they do that? There was another that started out from an Indeed.com posting that then went to some job service's site (that I had to sign up on), which then went to another site (still not the company actually hiring), which is when I hopped onto Google to find the actual application! I also get irritated by places that are very picky about password format … where you have to have upper case, lower case, numbers, and non-numeric characters in the password (making it almost impossible to remember!) for the site to accept it … for heaven's sakes, I'm trying to apply for a job, not gain entry to a high-security facility! Over the past 3 years I've likely applied to over a thousand jobs, and the sites which seem to think they're the only thing in the world make me see red.

Anyway, in the course of flogging my brains with hours upon hours of Twitter reading, I've come up with another good bunch of links to pass along … hope you find them of use:

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As always, these have been folded in to the big (50+ pages) list of job-search links, and a .pdf version of this can be grabbed here: TJS-LinkList-120203.pdf

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