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It's Wednesday, and we have another post from co-Job Stalker, Gordon Dymowski … this time addressing his use of business cards. It was probably a good subject to revisit, since it's been nearly two years since I did a post on the subject (it shocks me to think I've been looking for a new job that long!). While Gordon and I both stress the importance of having professional business cards, we're approaching this from different angles. Anyway, here's what he has to say on the topic:

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This is Gordon with another guest post to the Job Stalker, and my area of concern right now is a job search and networking tool that is a must-have in the job search, yet there’s little focus on it.

I’m talking, of course, about the plucky business card.

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We’re all familiar with how career coaches, professional experts, and pundits of all types will regale us with tales about how to use Linked In, or what should go into a resume (renewing my call for resume sanity)....but very little attention is paid to this small square piece of paper that can mean the difference between a connection or a failure.

Actually, I exaggerate somewhat - thankfully, there’s been a slight resurgence in interest about the business card. Some have used QR codes to post their resume or Linked In profile on that sheet of paper; others have used it to show off their photography business, or have unique ways of presenting their information. But this is a must-have not just while working, but when job seeking - it’s a basic way to get across contact information.

Most business cards seem to follow a format pattern - name, e-mail, phone number, fax number, and a short slogan or description of services offered. In short, it’s kind of a business version of a Lou Reed song - you know musically, it will always have the same three chords, but  what  you do with those chords can make it a masterpiece.

Now, I’m one of the few individuals who has two sets of business cards - one for my professional/networking endeavors, and a set of mini-cards (via Moo) for my blogging and more pop cultural-efforts. For my professional cards, I use Staples Online Printing Service- it’s relatively inexpensive, and provides some really nice graphic options for formatting and presentation. (It also allows you to create a PDF proof if you need to review). It’s a also much more customizable in terms of font, provides value for the money, and thankfully, ordering in bulk and having delivered is actually much less than in-store pickup.

(But you’re probably thinking - Gordon, what about VistaPrintor printing off your own? I’m not a big fan of VistaPrint, since their templates look a little too...well, they look very basic. I like having a much wider range of visual styles, especially since I don’t have an eye for design. Plus, printing off my own via laser printer....well, the edges always seem to be a little too flayed, my print format never seems quite to fit....even though it may be a little bit of an expense, having a nice set of cards formally printed often leads to greater success. Even if that success is a compliment on my nice business card.)

Since I often find myself networking with other bloggers, I have a business card that contains information pointing to my blog and home page (which will be revamped in the next few months) which I’ve created via Moo Cards. In fact, I use their mini-cards, which are half the size of conventional business cards. Combine those with certain images from my flickr feed, and I have a series of distinctive cards that allow me to network and engage on a semi-professional level.

(Which begs the question - why not just use the same cards for both? Different audiences - I’m not a comics industry professional (at least, not yet), and being able to provide different information for two different audiences is critical. Plus, my business card contains some more personal contact information...information I may not necessarily want to give someone who wants to argue whether Superman could defeat the Hulk in a fight. But I may be wrong, and welcome your thoughts).

Yes, dear readers, this column is the result of much thought, an incredibly busy week (including a full-on day trip to the far northwestern suburbs), and copious amounts of coffee....but I think the business card needs to get some serious props. It’s probably the most concise, underutilized tool in our job search....but what do youthink? Please feel free to leave me a comment down below, and as always, thanks for reading!

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