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My apologies to readers breathlessly anticipating a new post from Gordon Dymowski today. As I may have mentioned, I've been through a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks, and sort of got confused. Gordon had written a post to fill in for me when I was off on the East Coast, and my memory of events was that I'd not had time to use that. Clearing up some e-mail, I ran into the note that Gordon had sent with said post, and I thought it was “new”, especially as I didn't recognize the title. Now, Gordon and I were both at the Social Media Breakfast this morning and I told him that I'd run across “a spare” post, which he suggested I use for today's post. Unfortunately, when I got into it tonight, I found that I had posted it, just under a different title!

Anyway, it's totally my screw-up here, and you're getting my blithering instead of his words of wisdom this week.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm hoping we'll have Gordon all set up with his own “byline” here by next week. On Tuesday night I attended a ChicagoNow tweet-up, and had a chance to chat with Jimmy Greenfield, the Tribune's coordinator for the blogging property, and he indicated that he'd walk me through that in the next couple of days. This means that when Gordon posts, you'll no longer have my little intro, just him under his name/picture.

I suppose situations suggest that I should probably make this post about networking. As I've noted previously, I try to get out to at least two, and no more than four networking events each week. While I've not been massively successful with this (or I'd have a job and not still be writing The Job Stalker, right?), it has provided leads and occasional freelance/consulting gigs (I just got word of one like this from an event last week).

I've been out to three in the past 7 days, last week I attended the massive CISC (Chicago Interactive Social Club) event down at Rockit, which was very hard to even navigate through (I hear they had 1,000 folks RSVP!), I managed to have a couple of chats, and one has come back with a possible part-time assignment. Last night I was at the ChicagoNow event at Theory, and had some very interesting (and possibly productive) discussions with a number of folks. And, this morning, as noted above, I attended the SMBChicago breakfast meeting, coming out of it with some useful info, and possibly useful contacts (I at least managed to put a real face onto a couple of very familiar Twitter handles!).

If you're in the Chicago area and not doing a regular routine of networking events, it's not because they aren't out there! Check with EventBrite, MeetUp, and various groups and organizations in your particular area of interest. There are hundreds of events listed every week … and in an amazingly wide range of subjects … there's no excuse to not get out and meet people. Again, the odds of finding somebody who's looking to hire somebody just like you are pretty slim, but the odds of finding somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who is, run reasonably high.

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