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Ya know ... I had something good-to-go for Monday, but it wasn't really a "book thing" so I was iffy about using it, and then I heard from Gordon that he wasn't going to have something ready for Wednesday, so I figured I'd use the thing I had sitting here (another "guest post") for that.  And then I fell asleep at my desk.  Now, falling asleep at my desk is not a rare occurrence, in fact, most weeks it's the rule rather than the exception, but I usually am out for a while then get back into whatever it was I was doing, but on Wednesday, I was out, and when I did come around I figured that Wednesday was sufficiently "out of the barn" that I'd just wait to post on Friday.

Sorry about that!

Anyway, had a "good Twitter week", with enough links stacked up by Tuesday to make a decent post today, and so I'm going to have leftovers to run into next week, meaning that the odds are very good you're going to not have a Friday go link-less any time soon.  Here's what I've got for you ... hope you find them useful:

• The Job-Hunting Triple Crown

• More Jobs For Creatives

• What LinkedIn's "apply" button may mean for job seekers

• Job Seekers: Why You Should Have Your Own Website

• How To Build Social Credibility During Job Search

• Use Statistics to Make Your Resume POP

• Tired Of Your Network Feeling Sorry For You?

• Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer

• How to Escape the Job Application Black Hole

• 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Job Search Results

• How LinkedIn Can Transform Your Job Search

• More Dads Back at Work, But Still Struggling to Keep Balance

And, of course, these have been added to the ever-growing "Big List O'Links" which now has 40 pages of nuthin' but links to quality job-search info ... downloadable as a .pdf e-book here:


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