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OK ... so another week where I've been almost full-time between various projects.  It's great to have folks "buying my time", but I'm not used to the freelance/ consulting thing and the concept that I could be back to zero at any given moment hovers heavily overhead!  Fortunately, the one that's sucking up the most hours also looks like it has a very good chance of going full time.  

Unfortunately, that depends on "the next round of financing" and I've been to that rodeo before ... heck, in my last job we went to the mat (or at least "fourth meetings") with nearly a half dozen groups, and never got the funding we needed to get over the hump on developing that business.  Of course, it's not '08/'09 now and things are not swirling around the drain quite so much.

I also got another freelance gig today ... it's not quite "a week's worth" of hours, but it's paid up front and has the possibility of involving on-going development/maintenance of the site I'm going to be building this weekend.  Needless to say, I'm very thankful that finally some dollars are coming in after what's been a long period of no income!

Anyway, it was somewhat thin this week on the interesting job search stories front ... but I got ten to bring you.  Hope you find them interesting:

• Joblessness And Hopelessness: The Link Between Unemployment And Suicide

• 5 Key Things to Know When Pursuing a Contract or Temporary Job

• 8 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask Themselves

• 5 Twitter Job Services For Some Real-Time Job Search

• Twitter tips: how I used social media to find jobs

• Dr. Woody talking about Job Scams

• The Successful Social Media Resume

• Job hunter's guide to using social media effectively

• Five Types of Employees Companies Are Seeking

• Stop Name Calling: How Job Candidate Labeling Could Cost You A Great Hire

I find it somewhat amusing that this latest gig is to help develop a "job search resource" site ... which will be pulling a good deal of material out of The Big List O'Links ... which, of course, the above have been merged into, and the updated .pdf e-book is downloadable here:


I wonder if I should start "shopping around" for the next Job Stalker (which would be #3 at the helm of this blog) ... I actually had a guy lined up to take over, but he got hired last month!  If you're a writer who's out of work and interested in chronicling your adventures in the job search, drop me a note in the comments here ... maybe we could work out some "phasing in/out" arrangement where you'd be doing a post a week or something until such time as I finally get a full time gig.

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