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Hey, loyal readers ... sorry for no post on Friday.  Which means no links for Friday. Which means no update to the Big List O'Links (although you can grab the latest version here: TJS-LinkList-110422.pdf).  While I've not landed a full-time position, most of my time is "spoken for" (and much of it, thankfully, "purchased") these days between 3 main projects and assorted minor ones.  This means that not only do I not have much time to apply to an active job search, but I also don't have much time to write about the job search (that I'm less-than-actively pursuing).

Obviously, I'd gotten into a pattern of doing my "link dump" on Fridays, based on the Twitter reading that I was doing throughout the week (which was the main source of leads for job openings), then a book review and/or author interview on Monday, and some sort of "industry" feature (an interview, profile, guest post, etc.) on Wednesday.

While I'd like to keep that up, I've, frankly, run out of "job" books, and until more come my way I'm not going to have material for Mondays, and I've had somewhat spotty track records of late of actually getting things set up for the Wednesday post.  Needless to say, the combination of all of this is making me rather frustrated.

Now, when I started on this I was chastised by my "wrangler" over at ChicagoNow that I was doing this too much like a "personal blog" and not being as "informative" as they'd hoped.  I, of course, responded that if being The Job Stalker was about a person reporting on the job search from within the job search, it was intrinsically a personal story, but I did try to create a structure that was bringing you more "stuff you can use".

Anyway, while I will still try to find "feature" material, I'm thinking that, for the near future at least (being as little as I have "in the hopper" at this point), you're going to be seeing a bit more "emo navel-gazing" in this space, because this sort of post I can drop in any time I have a gap between projects.

Again, I was torn between doing a "half" link dump on Friday or no link dump at all, and figured that it was better to wait for a bunch of quality pieces and have a full-fledged one next week than to be dribbling out the few that I'd been able to cull from what reading I had been able to do over the past week.

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