Grinding through another week ...


Been a busy week again, with two clients loading in some hours on the freelance side of things, which is, of courses, a good thing, but I've not had a lot of time to dedicate to either the job search per se, or Twitter reading (although I did get a full batch together this week).

I don't know why specifically (I suppose having folks paying for chunks of my time might have something to do with it), but I've not been able to get out to as many networking events either, both this past week and next week I'd been set up to go to two, but only made one (one of next week's has been canceled).  Oh, well.

The event I did make this week was the Social Media Club of Chicago's monthly get-together, but it was sort of a special one, being up at the Metropolitan Club on the 67th floor of the "Building Formerly Known As The Sears Tower".  The facility was co-sponsoring the event, and did a very impressive spread of quite delightful appetizers.  We also had an interesting program featuring Carol Roth, whose new book, The Entrepreneur Equation (which I'm hoping to get a copy to review one of these days) is coming out in the next few weeks.  She even had one of her very amusing limited-edition "entrepreneur action figures" of herself as she appears on the jacket cover ... I wish I'd thought to snap a pic, as it was very cute having the doll standing next to the book as Carol spoke behind it!

Anyway, here's this weeks "best of what's flown by in my Twitter stream" bunch of job-search articles:

• How To Not Get A Job

• Simply Hired reports opportunities up for job seekers

• How to Break Into the World's Best Startups

• Beef Up Your Job Search - Get Tech Savvy!

• Found a Dream Job at a Tweetup

• Understanding Interviewer Questions and Techniques

• Where Did My Resume Go? Uncovering The Mystery

• How To Find A Winning Job On Facebook

• More job hunt techniques that can lead to success

• Cover Letters: 1 Get Started Tip and 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

• 10 Tips for Staying Positive in a Long Job Search

• Old School Networking Meets New School Networking

• Georgia's Tips for Nervous Job Seekers

• The Ten Worst Things to Put on Your Resume

As always, these have bee added to the ever-growing Big (e)Book O'Links, which is now up to whopping 36 pages of alphabetically-organized info.  You can snag your very own free copy of the .pdf by clicking here:


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