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As I probably have mentioned, back in the 90's I ran my own publishing house, which I built from scratch following the Parliament of the World's Religions here in Chicago in 1993.  At the Parliament I'd met a lot of people who had interesting manuscripts "sitting in a drawer at home", which caught my attention.  I'd been self-publishing poetry editions since college and had started my company as a "side project" a year before.  As it turned out, the P.R. firm that I'd been with for 15 years ended up going out of business at the end of 1993, and I figured that I'd take my love of books, and the contacts I'd made at the Parliament and jump into the publishing business ... a venture that lasted for 10 years and was ultimately only done in by a "distributor problem" from which I found we could not recover.

Anyway, I bring this up in relation to a love of books ... I target reading 72 non-fiction books a year, and, obviously, with little or no income coming in, I've not been able to comfortably afford retail cover price in a long time.  Those who have been reading the book reviews I link to from the various book features here will recognize that, even beyond the review copies I've been getting of late from publishers, I note what I've found to be the best way to get the best price for various titles.  Sometimes this is the "used" market via Amazon or BN.com, sometimes it's on-line clearance sales, frequently it's "dollar store finds", and sometimes it's special sales at independent book stores.

Among this last category is the Open Books' "Open Boxes Sale", which is coming up this weekend, running from 10am to 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday at their "classroom" space (next door to the actual store) at 213 W. Institute Pl., just a block north of the Chicago stop on the Brown Line.  While they've raised the prices a bit this year (to $2 for paperbacks, and $3 for hardcovers), they are still offering a great "box" deal ... fill up a 10x11x17" box for a flat fee of $30!  And, while Open Books is a used book store, a substantial amount of what finds itself into the sale is "remaindered" brand new books, so this is a great chance to load up on a lot of books (even buying gifts, as there have been some wonderful "coffee table" books out previously) for not much more than the cover price on most hardbacks.  One thing to note: the sale is "cash only", so make sure you're good-to-go on that before heading over.

Although I've had a fair bit of freelance work this week (thankfully), I have managed to do a pretty good job of "keeping up with Twitter", and collected a fairly robust list of links for you.  This is a rather varied set of articles, ranging from personal health to tax tips, to "philosophical" pieces, to "job market" trends, and nitty-gritty "how to" sorts of things.  Hope you find these useful:

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As you have no doubt come to expect, these new pieces have been sorted in to the big alphabetical list of links, which has been formatted as an "e-book" for your convenience.  The latest version of this (now up to 35 pages!) can be downloaded here:


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