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Speaking of networking events ...

As you know, I try to make it out to 2-4 networking events per week, to keep myself “in front of” folks that I already know, and meeting others that I haven’t yet.  And, as I’ve noted, there are several very useful resources out there which list many hundreds of events every week in the... Read more »

Imagine getting FIFTY jobs ...

For those of us who have been out of a job for a long time, even the idea of getting a hired starts to have something of a mythical, “fairy tale”, aspect to it … as though we’ve gotten to the point where, after knocking on several thousand doors, we’ve come to expect that none... Read more »

Some links to get you through the weekend ...

Wow … sort of had a “last minute” situation here today, as I didn’t snag the last few of these until late in the day. I’d been distracted by (paying) projects this week, which is a Good Thing, of course, but it meant that I didn’t have much time to spend communing with Twitter. I... Read more »

More tales from the networking world ...

Well, I didn’t have any “industry” profile this week, no “guest post”, nor other handy thing lined up to bring to you today, so I guess you’re stuck with my regaling you about my latest networking adventures.  As regular readers will recall, I try to get out to 2-4 events a week, but haven’t been... Read more »

A look behind the lines ...

Hello, regular readers of The Job Stalker … today I may be “testing your patience” a bit, as I’m going to be discussing a book that not only is not about the job search it’s not even particularly targeted to a general audience.  However, as I worked my way through it, one thing really stood... Read more »

Grinding through another week ... Been a busy week again, with two clients loading in some hours on the freelance side of things, which is, of courses, a good thing, but I’ve not had a lot of time to dedicate to either the job search per se, or Twitter reading (although I did get a full batch together this... Read more »

Guest post: John Durfee

I guess this is “expand my horizons” time with The Job Stalker, as last week I had a guest post on the new college graduate, and this week I have a piece looking at the transition from military service to the crowded civilian job pool. This comes in from John Durfee, who left the Marine... Read more »

How "remarkable" are you?

Yes, this week I’m bringing your attention to another book which is not specifically about the job search.  This is Seth Godin’s Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, a book (which you could guess from the subtitle) about shifting the way business does business.  I have, as you know, made the case that... Read more »

Beware the "scam" networking events ... I’m usually a great advocate for getting out and doing networking events in almost any context other than those “room full of unemployed people” functions (which are always depressing and rarely prove to be anything other than useless), however I got suckered into something last night that “is going to leave scars”.  This was... Read more »

Guest Post: Wes Harrison ...

I realize that, being in the “50 to Death” demographic, I’ve got a bit of a perceptual bias against stories for the newly graduated.  Heck, I think they all should go get Masters and Doctorates and stay out of the job market until I’ve gotten hired someplace! Probably want ‘em to stay off my lawn... Read more »