Where is all this going wrong?


Went to the Social Media Club of Chicago's monthly event last night, which was great ... saw a lot of folks I know, listened to an interesting speaker (and got a copy of her new book), and generally had a productive, albeit "unfocused" networking event.  But, what was the one thing that stuck with me?  I was talking with one local Social Media "star" whom I'd not run into in many months, and he asked how things were going, and I noted that I was still looking for work, and he was incredulous that I hadn't been able find a job yet.  I get so much "positive feedback" from folks about how talented, cutting-edge, and connected I am, and yet ... "always the bridesmaid and never the bride". Over the past year or so there have been at least a dozen folks I know from networking who "have landed" somewhere, many into positions for which I had also applied.  I keep wondering where's the disconnect, why so many people are shocked that I've been out of work for nearly two years, and yet it's always somebody else getting hired.  Arrrgh!

Anyway, got some links for you again this week  ... not quite a dozen this time (I really tried, but there were a lot of things just not "up to snuff" that didn't quite make the list), but almost ...

• The Unemployment Numbers Don't Add Up

• Get Interviews Via the Hidden Job Market

• 12 Ways to Use Quora For Your Job Search

• 8 Things You Should Know About Job References

• 10 Reasons Why Job Hunting and Dating are Similar

• Ten Tips For Networking At A Multi-Day Conference

• 7 Offline Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

• Three Ways to Add Value to a Company before Getting Hired

• 3 Ways the Cover Letter Helps You Make Your Case

• Four Reasons Why Focusing on Goals Leads to Failure

Anybody looking for me to address anything in particular over the next couple of posts?  I gave myself a bit of "time off" on reading business/job-search books so the stuff that's showing up on my review site in the next few days isn't likely to be featured here, and I don't have anything in the hopper for an "industry feature" on Wednesday either.  You never know what might come up, but right now I'm anticipating having to do some "tap dancing" over the next couple of posts!

As always, the links above have been merged into the ever-expanding Big List O'Links, and exported into an e-book which you can download (here:


), now up to 34 pages!


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