Same as it ever was ...


Well, not quite ... while I've gotten back to a reasonably constant read of the Twitter stream, I'm not getting out anywhere near as many resumes as I used to, due to the on-going freelance/consulting projects that have come in eating up serious chunks of my time.  Obviously, while I'm still hoping for a full-time gig somewhere with some stability (and benefits), I'm very happy to be working on stuff that I'm good at, and, for the most part (yeah, one of these projects is for "equity" at the moment) getting paid for it.    

Despite the blizzard, I made it out to two networking events this week ... I was planning on having a video clip from one to bring you today, but the group hosting that hasn't finished editing it yet ... the other was the weekly "sip at the Sync" Friday-afternoon schmooze which may have dropped another freelance project it my lap, so that's a "win"!

Anyway, I pulled in a solid list of job-search articles from my Twitter reading this week (actually, I had a few more than these, but I'm holding them in reserve for next week when I know I'm going to be AFK for a couple of days), and I hope you'll find these of interest:

• Job Search Software

• Create Your Own Success

• Job Loss Matters, But Does Not Equal Life Loss

• The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking

• Dealing With Unemployment Depression

• 5 Smart Ways to Use Twitter in Your Job Search

• Jobs are back! But the pay stinks

• Don't Name Your Resume, "resume" & Nine Other Head-Smacking Tips for Job Seekers

• How Twitter got me hired

• Understand Recruitment Cycles to Give Your Job Search an Edge

• We Are NOT Just Looking for a Job

• Questions You Should Answer on Your Resume

• More Small Businesses Hiring in 2011

As usual, I've merged these into the big list and formatted that as an "e-book" reference that you can delve into at your leisure.  That .pdf file can be downloaded here:


Sorry about no Wednesday post, once again I was waiting on a "guest post" and it didn't arrive in time (actually, I'm still waiting ... hopefully it will be here for next Wednesday).  I should, however, have another interesting book to feature on Monday!

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