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Wouldn't that make a great title for a very limited-action movie?  Yeah, sometimes my week's like that.  I have a few less links this week than I'd prefer (even with "holding over" some from last week), because I was out of the office at a client's location twice this week ... and somehow, if they're paying me to be there, it just doesn't seem right to be even attempting to keep up with my Twitter reading, so there are gaps on the data stream which reflect in what I end up finding to bring to you.  Sorry, but making those few hours of freelance income seriously trumps my being "all the blogger I can be" as The Job Stalker!

Anyway, here's what I found worthwhile passing along to you this week:

• Use Passion to Stand Out as a Job Candidate

• Overqualified? What You Can Leave Off Your Resume

• Largest Two Month Decline In Unemployment Rate Since 1958

• Dos and Don'ts of Job Search Organization

• 4 Resume Tips From Career Pros

• 5 Job-Hunting Ideas You Haven't Tried

• How to get someone you don't know to help you.

• 5 Workarounds for a Spotty Work History

• Be First To Make Your Own Cool Facebook Resume

• Seven Hidden-Gem Careers

• Unemployment Solidifies Position as Most Important Problem

I have one other thing that I was tempted to put in as a link, but it's time-limited (it's for a teleseminar on Tuesday evening, 2/15), so I figured pointing it out would be better than just adding it to the list.  Now, I don't know anything about the group doing it ... for all I know, it might be a "hard sell" for their services (and if so, my apologies in advance) ... but one of the sponsors is a regular source of the links here, so I'm hoping this will be of value.  It's billed as Leveraging LinkedIn in Your Job Search and Beyond and that link will take you to an EventBrite registration page. It's free, and the subject matter sounds pretty good, so go check that out.

As usual, this week's links have been merged into the ever-growing alphabetically-sorted "big list of links" which is available as an "e-book" .pdf download here:


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