The list o'links is back ...

As noted previously, my schedule is
almost back to usual, except that I have two on-going projects
competing with my job-search time. I'm not complaining, of course,
as one of these is actually bringing in a quarter of a paycheck
(they're "buying" 40 hours of my time a month at the moment), and
the other could go big (and full-time) soon. In fact both of these,
and the project that ate all of December and half of January, all
could blossom into full-time positions. Or (of course), not. So I'm
still keeping an eye out and will soon be cranking out resumes (I
have a text file with over 100 URLs of plausible-sounding job
listings sitting on my desktop that I've not had time to apply to as
yet!) for full-time gigs out there.

As regular readers of this space will
know "keeping an eye out" means reading through a massive amount
of Twitter on a daily basis ... and when I'm looking for job
listings, I'm also seeing a lot of other data, among which are lots
and lots of postings about the job search. Since I'm back to
reading this stuff, I'm back to having links to pass along to you ...
for the first time in eight weeks here are the best of what I've
seen this week:

• Government Jobs - A Lucrative
Employment Opportunity

• A New Low - Heckling The Unemployed

• How to Avoid an Out-of-Whack Sleep
Cycle When Unemployed

• Still Out of the Job Market? What Now?

• 10 ways to use social media in your job

• Economists see more hiring on the way

• How To Refresh Your Creative Resume

• The War for Talent is on: Monster
Identifies the Hottest Markets for Job Seekers

• Can YOU Get a New Job in 2 Weeks?

• How to Show Employers You Are the
Perfect Fit!

• How to Nail an Interview

• To Share or Not to Share: The
Professional Downside of Your Online Social Life

• 40 Words and Terms to Keep Off of Your

As had been the case previously, these
have been sorted into the big alphabetical list, and the resulting
document out-putted as an "e-book" for your convenience. Click
here: TJS-LinkList-110128.pdf to download your copy. I'll be back on Monday with another book review!

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