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Sorry about the long gap with no posts.  As I'd mentioned in my last post here (a bit over a month ago), I was very much under the gun on a major freelance project that had suddenly come my way, and was doing lots of long days on that.  Well, that turned into The Project From Hell, and while being quite successful for the client, it was not so much for myself (not that I'm not going to be happy to eventually get a check) or the team I was working with, as the number of hours that I, alone, put in were significantly higher than what had been bid on the work, so all involved are likely to be only getting paid for about 1/3rd of our actual time investment.  Anyway, for pretty much all of December and the first week or so of January, I was able to do little other than crank out parts of that project, pushing everything else off to the sides.

Again, I'm happy to have had the work, of course, and it could very well (especially since we ended up "eating" so many hours for the client) end up as an on-going project.  It did, however, knock me out of my routine for getting things set up to bring you here.  While I am also currently involved in two other fairly substantial freelance assignments, I'm hoping that I'll be able to get things back into somewhat of a regular cycle again here.

So, I just wanted to say "hey" and let folks that were wondering what became of The Job Stalker that I'm still around.

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