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So, as regular readers of this space know, this has been a bit of a topsy-turvy week, with last weekend having the links and the book feature (such as the latter's been of late) flipped, and then my being out of town mid-week for the 140 Character Conference, from which I attempted a bit of "liveblogging" (see Wednesday's post).  I've missed a lot of Twitter reading this week, and was a bit worried that I wasn't going to have a "full slate" of links for today, but pushing through, I managed to line up "a baker's dozen" for you.

• 5 Ways to Get Back to Work

• Word on The Tweet: 5 ways to get a job in 140 characters

• HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search

• The Dark Side of Job Loss

• Majority of Job Seekers Found Their Last Job By Networking Online

• 5 Ways to Get Past 'You're Overqualified'

• I Can't Believe You Still Don't Have a Job!

• 20 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

• Job Hunting During Today's Recession (Go Guerilla!)

• How to Use LinkedIn to Find a New Job

• The Seasonal Hiring Forecast, Plus Where to Find a Holiday Job

• Twitter Job Search Tips For 2010

• Hiring Plans Show Signs That the Worst May Be Over

I have, of course, added these to the alphabetical listing, now 28 pages worth of info!  This is formatted as a .pdf e-book, and free to download here: 


In other news, I had an in-person interview last week, and just heard that they're "going a different direction" on that, but I also had another interview yesterday which seemed to go very well, and I am really, really hoping that I'm going to be hearing from them that they want me to work there! If this particular gig comes through, I'd be moving into that very quickly (perhaps as soon as the first week of November), so I'd be into the "find my replacement" mode in here pretty quickly.  If you've been reading this and think that you'd be interested in being the third writer for The Job Stalker, start pulling together some writing samples.  I'm, obviously, not going to start the process until I get hired somewhere, but after a year of doing this (and having "being unemployed" ending up as "my personal brand"!), I'm pretty ready to hand over the reins to some new blood.

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