Some freebies for you ...


I don't have a book to bring you this week, or at least I've not done a review of one to chat about or have an author interview.  However, I do have a couple of books to point you to, which at least keeps the theme happening!

This was inspired by a mailing from Sima Dahl, who runs Marketing Job Wire which she describes as: "Marketing Job Wire is a community of marketing, communications and PR professionals that share job leads with each other. I call it Job Karma and I hope you'll catch it." ... if you're looking for work in that field, it's another resource you should certainly be signed up with.

Anyway, one thing that Sima (who also Tweets as @SimaSays, among other accounts) passed along recently was an offer from the Robert Half staffing company for free access to the "Job Seeker Edition of the Crain's Book of Lists" for the rest of 2010.  It's not exactly a "free book", but it is free access to a whole lot of information.

The second thing I've got for you today is a free e-book, this one from the new "TweetAJob" service (Tweeting as @tweetajob), which sends out targeted openings on the feed you set up on their site.  On their blog they're offering a little e-book called How To Use Twitter for your Job Search which is a free .pdf download, and a very cogent look at, well, what the title says.

I'm hoping that I might have some new review to bring you next week, but I was getting caught up on some reading that didn't have anything to do with the Job Search of late, and I'm not 100% sure that I'll be done enough with one of the books that I'm currently plowing through to be able to get an interview done by next Monday. I guess you'll just have to wait in breathless anticipation until then!

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