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OK, so I'm writing this (live) in Detroit (at the 140 Character Conference), but by the time you're reading this, it will have been edited, linked, and uploaded, so it's not so much "live blogging" as, well, something else.  You may recall that I'd been off at a TweetUp when Jeff Pulver came through town a month or so back, from being at that event, I was invited to be an "ambassador" for the Detroit conference, and I'm here with a couple of other folks representing Chicago.

10:30am - At this point the program has been running for two hours and there have been something like 18 speakers, pretty much all of them awesome.  There is a live stream of the conference on Ustream, which I'm hoping will be archived (otherwise my mentioning it to you won't be particularly useful!).  Update: Jeff says that in a few days a "better" copy of today's conference will be on his channel on, so you can check there as well.

11:00am - There are something like 70 speakers on this program, so there is a bit of something for everyone.  There have been broadcasters, educators, entrepreneurs, and even preachers, all talking about using Twitter and other social media vehicles.  Great stuff.

Noon - I'm looking forward to Chris Brogan's slot in forty-five minutes or so ... I've known him from Twitter (and his books, featured here previously) but haven't actually met him.  There are several hundred folks here at the Fillmore Theater, but I hope that I get a chance to say "Hi!".

1:45pm - Wow ... talk about convenience ... Chris' talk was about the dichotomy of work vs. jobs, and how that "work" (outside the framework of "a job") is the new measure of activity.  This closely paralleled his recent post on 100 Jobs Thinking, which you should check out.  See ... I was able to work the Job Search angle into this post!

2:15pm - Over the lunch break they had a Nashville act playing, Lucy Angel with Anthony Smith ... they were quite good, although I don't know much about Country music.

2:30pm - I guess I didn't mention, but I got a ride out to Detroit with Chicago Social Media Club's Tim McDonald, in one of the cars that Buick (a conference sponsor) made available.  He's currently speaking on a panel about social media in the real estate biz.

4:00pm - About two more hours left on the program today, but I'm running low on netbook battery, and we're going to be turning around and heading back to Chicago right afterward, so I think I'm going to go ahead and post this now, and maybe edit it tomorrow if I feel I need to add more updates!

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