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I've been worried about this for several weeks, but here it is ... a "thin" week for links!  Not only is one of these the piece by Seth Godin that was featured on Monday, but there's just a dozen over-all.  Of course, I have "an excuse" of having a lot of my attention taken up this week with being called in for a second interview on that Marketing Communications gig (which I am desperately hoping I'll land!), but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty, does it?  Frankly, I have a bunch of my "Twitter reading" stacked up on my desktop, but just haven't had the hours to plow through the several thousand Tweets that represent the missing parts of this week ... if I hadn't fallen asleep at my desk nearly every night this past week, I'd probably have a few more links for you, but this is what you're getting this week ...

• Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so [a rant]

• 5 Ways to Get a Job Through YouTube

• Overqualified? Not Anymore

• HOW TO: Use #HireFriday to Publicize Your Job Search

• How to influence people

• Keep Coming Back: Four Simple Steps To Get A Job

• How Bad References Can Kill Your Job Search

• Laid Off - Now What?

• How Do Recruiters "Read" Your Resume in Under 20 Seconds?

• The Top 3 Twitter Chats for Job Seekers

• 21 Ways to Avoid Job Interview Anxiety

• Facebook For Job Hunting

As usual, these have been merged into the big alphabetically-sorted file, and converted into a handy-dandy .pdf e-book which you can download here: 


If you've been hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation of whether I'm getting hired or not ... my 2nd interview went pretty well.  I'm one of three candidates, however, so I'm extremely stressed out over this.  They are looking to move forward very quickly, though, and I understand that I should know one way or the other by the end of next week.  As you can imagine, I'm a nervous wreck, as I've not been THIS close to getting a job in a very, very long time!

Wish me luck ...

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