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Every now and again, I get queries from folks who are interested in doing guest posts in The Job Stalker, and I'd previously not been particularly enthusiastic on the concept.  However, today's guest poster, Louise Baker, came to me with a selection of pieces that she'd written for the Zen College Life Blog.  While these were interesting, I noted that the focus on this blog really was people who were "between jobs" and not so much just getting into the work force.  We went back and forth with a couple of ideas, and she eventually came up with the following to bring you ... hope you like it:

5 Famous People Who Rose to Fame and Fortune
after Being Made Unemployed
by Louise Baker

With the high unemployment rate and the current dismal economic outlook, it's easy to get lost in despair and worry. Now more than ever it's important to stay positive, and keep on hoping that tomorrow will bring something better. The large number of unemployed can find hope and inspiration in looking at those who have already made the great leap from joblessness to fame and fortune.

1. JK Rowling
Though it may be hard to believe, this world-wide bestselling author once faced unemployment. In fact, Rowling was an unemployed, divorced, single mother while she was writing the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Today JK Rowling can boast that each title in that popular series has ranked number one on numerous bestseller lists, but she hasn't forgotten her roots. In a recent Times article, she talked about the challenges of being unemployed and broke, and why she preferred to stay in England and give back to the welfare system that helped her when she desperately needed it.

2. Larry David
This actor, writer, and comedian found himself working a variety of odd jobs when not unemployed. He eventually met Jerry Seinfeld while on the New York comedy circuit, which led to a friendship, and then a request by Jerry to co-author Seinfeld, the show about nothing. Much of the oddball comedy came directly from conversations and situations the two experienced. David currently finds himself as producer and performer in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm - he's come a long way from doing odd jobs now, and he's proved that it's possible to turn a few laughs between friends into a business opportunity.

3. Larry King
This radio and television giant has always been in the journalism/media field; however, he became unemployed after an accusation of grand larceny in the early 1970s. After the charges were dropped, he slowly began to take on new jobs, and in 1985, he began Larry King Live, one of CNN's most-watched programs. Currently, King continues to appear on specials for CNN, flying high on his rebuilt career.

4. Quentin Tarantino
This now well-known film director and producer was once one of the many who lived as an unemployed actor in Hollywood. His first notable gig was that of an Elvis impersonator on Golden Girls. His income was sporadic until 1992 when he found success as the writer and director of Reservoir Dogs. His canon of notable work now includes Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds, and he's widely considered to be an exceptional writer and director.

5. Susan Boyle
Perhaps the most recent and inspirational story from unemployment to fame and fortune is that of this 2008 Britain's Got Talent contestant. Prior to the show, Susan was unemployed and caring for her mother. After her premier performance on Britain's Got Talent, she became an instant favorite and an overnight sensation. In 2009 she released her first album, I Dreamed a Dream, selling more than three million copies. Her second album, The Gift, is due out in November. The video of her astonishing debut is one of the most watched - and most heartwarming - clips on YouTube.

Louise Baker is a freelance writer and blogger who usually does auto insurance comparisons over at CarInsuranceComparison.Org where she recently wrote about finding cheap car insurance quotes.

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