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I don't know about you, but I'm somewhat scrambled from the flip-flop this weekend, when Friday had the "book feature" (as part of Blog Action Day) and today I've got the carry-over of what would have been your weekend links!  It's probably nothing to you (well, except that you don't have all weekend to leisurely surf the links I've pulled together), but it takes a chunk of work to get this together, and I'm used to having that time blocked out on Fridays, and things have been sort of getting away from me today!

I've also been in a bit of a whirl, with good news ... after months of nothing I've had two phone interviews, one in-person interview, and two discussions about substantial projects come through in the past week, and I just got the call the morning from one of the phone interviews to set up an in-person interview later this week ... hey, you might not have this manifestation of The Job Stalker to kick around for much longer (keeping my fingers crossed)!

Not having the links go up on Friday, I had to sort of do a cut-off , and these are the "good stuff" from my web reading up through last Thursday, with things I've snagged since being saved up for this upcoming Friday.  Here you go:

• Overcome the Stigma of Long-Term Unemployment

• When Seeking a Job: Love the Product You're Selling

• Is Your Online Identity Spoiling Your Chances?

• How Job Seekers May Use Social Media in the Future

• Why I'm using Twitter to find a job

• How To Choose your Target Companies

• Preparing Your Interview Questions and Answers - A 6 Step Guide to Successful Job Interviewing

• Nine Memorable Questions to Ask at Your Interview

• 7 Reasons You Won't Get Called Back after Interviews

• 17 Ways To Build Confidence While Finding A Job

• "When Will It End?": Long Job Search Observations and Recommendations From the Front Lines

• What Informational Interviews Can Do For Your Job Search

• 2 Tiny Cover Letter Errors That Cause Big Trouble

• Smart Job Hunters Do This

As usual, these are now part of the Big List O'Links, formatted as an e-book, and available for download right here: 


I am going to be off in Detroit on Wednesday, for the "140 Characters Conference" (a big gathering about Twitter, hence the "140 Characters"), for which I'm "an ambassador" for the Chicago community (along with  anybody else who came out to see Jeff Pulver at the TweetUp down at the DoubleTree a month or so back).  I even got hooked up with a free ride out there courtesy of Buick, one of the main sponsors!  I'm hoping to do something like "live blogging" from it ... we'll see how that goes ... it's a 50/50 shot between my doing something cool from the conference or there not being a Wednesday entry ... so stay tuned!

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