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Ah, it's SO nice to have my old/good computer back ... I've been amazed at how much faster stuff as basic as doing my Twitter reading is with that much better a system!  Why does this matter to you?  Well, it's made my Twittering that much more efficient, and I had a full load of links early in the week!  As I've probably mentioned I have a "if I clicked through on that" test for these (i.e., would I feel the piece was worth reading), and when I'm seeing a lot of material, I can pretty much go with the best of the best instead of letting some "borderline" bits creep in.

I had a couple of networking events this week ... I was off at the FlyOver Geeks launch party for two new local tech start-ups last night, and will be going down to the Sync Technology Center this afternoon for their weekly Friday get-together.  The next few weeks are going to be brutal, however, with a ton of events all stacked up ... but more about that later.

Anyway, here's your reading for the weekend:

• Hired! I got my job through Twitter

• HOW TO: Identify a Job's Big Deliverables Before You Apply

• The Bait-and-Switch Job Offer

• To All The Naysayers - Yes, You CAN Get A Job On Twitter.

• In a Job Interview, How to Explain You Were Fired

• Trouble Finding A Job: What Is Your Worst Case Scenario/

• Four Ways to Break Through the Noise and Get Noticed

• Screw the Cover Letter

• Three Guerrilla Job Search Q & A

• Four Ways to Improve Your Job Search Technique

• Your Career Aspirations Fantasy or Desire?

• One-in-Five Employers to Hire Full-time, Permanent Staff in the Fourth Quarter

• Twitter or LinkedIn - Best for Job Seekers?

• Ask These 4 Questions In An Interview To Get The Job

• Tips on Following Up After You Send a Resume

• Over 50? How to Make Your Resume Work for You

As has been the case of late, I've merged these into the big alphabetically-sorted list and pumped that out as a .pdf "e-book" which you can download here: 


I have some interesting things percolating for this space next week, but nothing's "set" yet, so I don't want to get anybody's hopes up!  Speaking of getting hopes up, not only am I waiting to hear on a Virtual World project that might be coming my way on a freelance basis, but I also have a phone interview scheduled on Monday, for a job that would be very cool (of course, after sixteen months of being out of work, almost any job would be "very cool" at this point, but this one is quite attractive on its own merits!), so wish me luck on that.

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