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Guest Post: Ford R. Myers ...

We’re trying something a bit different today, instead of a “job industry profile” on Wednesday, I contacted one of the authors previously featured in The Job Stalker, Ford R. Myers of Career Potential, about providing a guest post.  The idea came from an e-mail notice (I do subscribe to the newsletters of several of the... Read more »

No book today ... Not that I haven’t been reading, it’s just that most of the stuff I’ve been reading (which you can always check out at over on LibraryThing) hasn’t been the sort of thing that made sense to bring you in this blog.  However, a couple of things came up which were related to things I’ve... Read more »

So many things, so little time ... Wow, it’s Friday again?  These weeks just blow by anymore.  Aside from the obvious things (paychecks, self respect, restaurant lunches) I miss from having a job, there’s the structure to the day.  The hours when one sleeps, the time one gets up, the getting to work, the time one is expected to be productive,... Read more »

Some things to be grateful for ... The other day I was filling out a form asking some odd things, including “tips” for those in job transition, and what came to mind were things that I was grateful to have in what has becoming a very long period between jobs.  When I was thinking of stuff to put in here mid-week... Read more »

A new vision of engagement ...

I’ve followed the author of this week’s book on Twitter for quite a while, as he’s one of the Social Media “big dogs” who seems to end up speaking on a lot of programs, and has quite a record of successfully using these tools for his business.  While not about the job search, this is... Read more »

Networking, links, and some warnings ... The past couple of weeks have been a bit thin on the networking front … it seems like a lot of groups tend to shift their schedules around to avoid the holidays, but this then starts to stack things up afterwards … next week, for example, has pretty much 3 events each night! I... Read more »

Twitter in the job search ...

This week’s book should have been a “home run” for inclusion in The Job Stalker, after all (as regular readers know), I have been focusing most of my job-search efforts within the Twittersphere, and here’s a book specifically dealing with using Twitter in one’s job search.  Perfect, right? Well, one would think so … however,... Read more »

Whuh? How the heck did it get to be Friday again?  My apologies to any who where waiting breathlessly by their computers for The Job Stalker updates this week … as I noted in my last post, I was heading out of town over the weekend, and got remarkably far behind on everything.  Add to... Read more »

Out of sequence, out of town ... I thought I had a really great post lined up for this Wednesday.  One of the resources that I follow on Twitter had been “teasing” about a new e-book that was just chock-full of job search info, with a number of guest authors, and was going to be coming out yesterday.  I don’t know... Read more »