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What?  No Wednesday post?  Sorry about that ... this week was a bit of a blender for me.  I actually had most of what's coming in this post (well, except for the links, of course) ready to roll on Monday, because it was touch-and-go if I was going to have that "Author Interview" to run or not ... as things turned out, Wiley got it to me late that afternoon and I was able to run the book feature for you as I'd planned.  That moved what I'd hoped to have been a big "networking promo" off the stack ... however, by the time it got to be Wednesday, most of it was "old news", so rather highlighting interesting things for you to possibly attend this week, it would have been more like me taking about being halfway through my schedule, and not that useful, but I really didn't have anything else to run with.

Anyway, this was another 4-event networking week.  Monday, I was down at the Embassy Suites for a "job fair".  I don't know about you, but I've never had anything useful come out of one of these ... it seems that inevitably there's just sales positions of one sort or another, or schools looking for students.  Tuesday was the BNC "After Hours" event which features a "speed networking" session and a speaker ... this was heavy on "financial advisors" trolling for clients among the desperate unemployed folks (like me) and the speakers this month weren't worth the time involved ... I've been to this 3 times now and I'm not sure I can justify it again (and I missed other events to be there).  Wednesday was another night with several things going, I opted for the "impromptu" Social Media Club event, which was part of the CitizenGulf project's "National Day of Action" fundraiser ... it was fun in that there was a mix of different folks I knew, half from the social media sphere and half from the non-profit arena, but it would have been improved by having appetizers included.  Thursday had an associate of mine come in for a planning meeting on some web projects, and no other networking (although there were a couple of possibilities), and Friday, well tonight there's a Twitter event coming up, the #140conf Road Trip.  Needless to say, all this info would have been MUCH more useful to you had I posted it on Monday!

Anyway, on to Friday's usual feature ... I managed to snag 13 quality links this week to pass along to you, ranging from an interesting infographic to some biting political commentary ... behind the cut:

• Don't be a perfectionist in your job search

• How I find a job {infographic}

• What's Your Motivation?

• Unemployed? Ten Options for Finding Work Today



• Tell Me About Yourself - 7 Key Strategies to Sell Yourself in an Interview and Land That Job!

• This Is Why There Are No Jobs in America

• Overcoming Discouragement and Getting Back to Work

• Resume 2.0: Blogging Your Way To A Better Job Search

• How to Use LinkedIn to Get Hired

• Employment Solutions You May Not Know About

• Job Interview Advice that Works!

If you've not checked in on a Friday recently, make sure to click below for the latest "e-book" version of the big alphabetically-sorted archive of all these end-of-the-week link dumps.  The list was getting somewhat unwieldy as a .doc file and it's both smaller in .pdf format, and easier to navigate through on the links. Click here to download:


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