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One of the things that Shel Israel looked at in Twitterville was the way that companies present themselves on Twitter.  In each of the previous "job industry people I know from Twitter" features here, I've come to know a person at the company, either through Twitter, or a combination of Twitter and live networking.  In the case of Matrix Resources, this wasn't so much the case, but I came to recognize that there was a particular "voice" behind the "M" that serves as their icon/avatar on Twitter, but a generally anonymous one.  Shel would argue this is not as engaging as having an identifiable individual there, and I have to agree to the extent that when I contacted Matrix about appearing in The Job Stalker, I sort of had to get to know Adam Waid (their "Social Media Strategist"), who is that voice.


Matrix Resources is primarily an IT staffing firm, and as this is one of my "areas of interest" in the job search, it got my attention.  Founded in 1983, Matrix was the creation of a group of five former IT professionals who had a mutual vision of "matching top-notch professionals with opportunities to use their skills and advance their IT careers".  They have been quite successful in this, averaging 2,500 placements annually.  Although headquartered in Atlanta, they have a dozen offices around the country, including one in Chicago.

Perhaps the one thing that drew my attention to Matrix Resources, as opposed to many other staffing groups I follow on Twitter, is their very informative blog, The Matrix Wall.  As regular readers know, I pull together a weekly bunch of links to useful job-search information that I've encountered in my research, and I keep finding myself pointing to pieces over there.  The resources they have in terms of top industry voices within their organization ensures that there is a constant stream of very interesting posts being presented.

Anyway, this week we're talking to the "social media" voice of Matrix, Adam Waid, and the following are his answers to The Job Stalker e-mail interview questions (behind the cut):

Q:  Briefly, what's your background?
At heart I'm a creative guy. Graduating with a BBA in Marketing from
the University of West Georgia, I have passion for engaging people with
creative content, design, or with a good discussion over a cup of

Q:  Have you had notable job-transition experiences? 

I started my career as a Recruiter for my Alma Mater. After spending a
few years doing that, I reconnected with an old friend who was hiring
for a marketing position at MATRIX. I was intrigued in the "staffing"
world after my experience as a recruiter. I figured I could leverage my
knowledge and passion for marketing, along with my experience as a
college recruiter, to help make an impact in the staffing community.

Q:  How did you come to be the social media "face" for your company? 

After using social media personally for years, I started noticing a
trend of job-seekers using it to find a job. In August of last year,
MATRIX migrated me over to begin building the MATRIX Social Media/CRM
strategy. It's been quite a ride. The ability to connect personally with
job-seekers through social media is powerful. We've built stronger
relationships and helped find jobs for those that needed them.

Q:  How do you see the job market in the next 3-6 months?  

Interacting with Recruiters and Account Managers daily, I hear the
needs and what they are saying about the industry. I think we will
continue to see a slow and steady increase in the IT job market over the
next year. We are seeing more jobs with specific skills sets needed. A
few skills that are hot right now are Business Intelligence, Sharepoint,
and Opensource tools like PHP.

Q:  If you had just ONE piece of advice for today's job searcher, what would that be?

Be Network Savvy. I think networking both in person and on social media
is vital it helps to expand your connections and build great referrals.
I would also say be smart WHERE you are networking. One of our
Recruiting Team Leads wrote a great blog about time wasted at wrong
networking events. You can find it here.

Q:  What do you feel makes your company unique?

Relationships. Having 27 years in the industry and the long tenure of
our staff, has helped to build solid relationships with hiring managers
and our consultants. Our tagline is "We're How You Get There." There
being whatever your goal is - finding a job, executing a project, or
building a new website. I think we've proven that we help our clients
and consultants get "there."

Q:  Aside from your services, what resources do you recommend?

I would strongly recommend leveraging social media. I talked with a SQL
Developer yesterday and he was sharing with me the strong community
that SQL professionals have on Twitter. Numerous friends of his have
found jobs or sharpened their skills by engaging with others on social

Q:  Any additional words of wisdom?

Job-hunting can be exhausting. However, keep yourself motivated by
making weekly and even daily goals, and make it a priority to meet your
goals each week. A colleague of mine likes to say "keep rocking and
rolling" because the market is slowly improving.

Matrix, while larger than most groups I've featured here, is still a
"niche" player, and if you're not in IT, they probably aren't going to
be able to help you out much, but if you do have the skill sets they specialize in placing, they might very well be the folks who can help you find that next job!.


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