Another crazy week, another bunch of links ...

You would think, that with all the resumes I get out, and all the networking that I do, that somebody out there would have hired me by now.  Chicago Now just celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and I took over this blog in mid-November last year, so I've been doing this for 9 months now (I never anticipated that I'd stay unemployed that long!), and am coming up on my 100th post here.  Once again this week I attended four networking events, ranging from a "community meeting" I was invited to participate in over at the Tribune, to the monthly NetSquared MeetUp, an "end of summer" gathering by some folks I know from Twitter, and a pre-event coordination session for folks volunteering to help with the The Urban Hunt event this weekend.  Whew!

I also managed to get another 40+ resumes out the door over the past week, which is a lot, but with the amount of digging that I do on-line, I keep finding stuff that's at least plausible for my resume.  As I've noted previously, one of the "challenges" I have in my job search is that I've done a wide range of jobs (all within the general "communications" arena), which means that I'll apply for PR jobs, Publishing jobs, Meeting/Event jobs, Writing/Editing jobs, Marketing jobs, and assorted Web, Social Media, and Metaverse jobs ... making having a "tight focus" very difficult!

Anyway, one of the benefits that you get from all that research is these weekly link dumps.  Hope you find these useful ...

• The Long Road Back to Full Employment: How the Great Recession Compares to Previous U.S. Recessions

• July payrolls fall, jobless rate holds at 9.5%

• How to Rekindle Your Job Search Fire

• What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

• Four Areas To Look For Jobs

• Employers' wacky interview questions

• How to end a job interview

• How's Your Credit?

• Job-Hunting/Job Scams

• Downturns can be fair weather for business liftoffs

• How the Jobless Can Find Support in a Job Club

• How Does Taking a Stopgap Job Affect Your Personal Brand?

• Top 7 Things You Should Know About Your Potential Employer Before Interviewing

• New Guidelines For #HireFriday Top 5 Tips To Excellence!

As announced earlier this week, I've reformatted the "big list of links" into a weekly "e-book" in .pdf format.  This is both a bit smaller in terms of file size, but also a bit easier for clicking through to the individual links ... plus it looks cool!  So, for the latest version of the alphabetical listing of all the links featured in these Friday posts, click here: 


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