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Sorry for getting this posted a bit late tonight, but I had gone all last-minute on the Ning apocalypse and had only discovered the (yes, that's a URL, based on the Palestinian country code) service yesterday, so I was scrambling to archive and transfer the various Ning sites that would have otherwise been going *POOF* at midnight.  I'd been doing Ning sites as "proof of concept" for a number of groups and organizations, and most of these projects never moved beyond that, so with a couple of exceptions it really didn't matter much if they "went away", but I liked having things I could run rapid-fire through to show folks examples of my work, so I wasn't happy about Ning pulling the plug on them. After as many months as I've gone without a "real" paycheck, even paying $2.95/month for these seemed extravagant, so having a free option for at least "parking" them where they'd be visible was nice.  I did pay Ning for my "BTRIPP" site, as I'd been using that URL for my sig all over the place, and didn't feel like going back to edit hundreds of posts to change that ... I'm also hoping it's easy enough to re-import the archived file to Ning, as at least one of these (an alumni site I'd developed for my kids' school) is still awaiting "official approval", and could go live this fall.

I had more networking things than I could get to this week ... highlighted by a fabulous 2-day free conference that was hosted by social media management company Alterian ...  this bumped 2 things off my schedule for Tuesday, and (after the Brazen Careerist meet-up on Wednesday night), I ended up opting to stay home on Thursday to crank out resumes rather than going to one of three simultaneous events that night!

Needless to say, I was away from the computer for much of the week, which had me worried that I wasn't going to have anything to pass along to you here today.  Fortunately, I hit a couple of runs of really good stuff on Twitter, which filled up my file in just a couple of days.  As always, I do hope you find these useful ...

• In a job search look outside, then inside

• How to use Twitter to find a job


• New Job Search Engine for Executive and Management Jobs Launched

• Don't get burned by the latest job scam

• The Secret Sauce To Resumes

• Job Search 2010 (or "why are your treating me this way?")

• Job Search Lessons Part 1

• Job Search Lessons Part 2

• Goodbye Gatekeepers: Use Social Media To Target Hiring Managers

• Job Search Tips: How To Become A Job Offer Magnet

• The World is Your Recruiter

• Six Job Hunting Myths Debunked

• 12 Tips Before Submitting Your Resume Online

Speaking of  "as usual", the above links have been added into the alphabetically-sorted "big list of links", and cranked out into a weekly "e-book" in .pdf format.  If you want to pass this along to other job seekers, please do so ... just send them to the site (so I get credit for the eyeballs!) for the download link: 


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