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I guess I should just give up trying to make sense of the Twitter data flow, at least in relation to the limited amount of time that I've been able to give it in the waning days of the Census (I did get renewed for the next phase, but it should only be another few weeks).  Obviously, I'm torn on that issue, as it is nice to have some money coming in, but it's not "a job" per se (it's just a full-time temp assignment), and cuts down the time I have to look for a "real job".  

Anyway, I had most of the following lined up in my "links" file by Wednesday this week ... go figure ... some days there's a ton of good info flowing through, and some weeks it's a desert!

I don't have much to blither about this week ... except that I wanted to make a note about what makes it into this list.  As I've previously noted, I run through a vast amount of reading, mainly garnered from posts on Twitter, and pull out what I consider "the best" each week to pass along to you here.  Generally speaking, my "test" is that if I didn't resent the time/effort of clicking through to a story it was in the running, and from that it was how useful the info was.  I really do try to keep this a notch above "basic-basic" and focused on folks who've been in the workforce but are now looking (i.e. skipping the stuff aimed at new grads).  I've also recently added a filter for "positivity" ... I don't want to read "doom & gloom" stories unless they have potentially helpful info in them, and I figure it doesn't do anybody any favors to "bring them down" in the job search, so I've been deciding against anything that's too much of a downer.

Frankly, I resent anything that plays too much to one's emotions, absolutely hating ads that are clearly aimed at provoking fear, greed, etc.  And there's so much out there.  I can only figure that the folks who write these "the sky is falling" stories (especially without any context or useful action points), must be doing the same thing, stirring up people's panic responses, just because they can.  Hate it.

Sooooo, on that note, here's another "baker's dozen" links for your reading enjoyment:

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• 7 Deadly Sins for Older Job Seekers ... and how to avoid them.

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• Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search

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• 5 Important Keys to Finding Your Next Job

• Can Twitter help land you a job? (video)

• Getting Yourself Known at Non-Hiring Company

• How To Be Successfully Unemployed With No Job In Sight.

• 5 Best Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search!

• How To Handle Short-Term Jobs On Your Résumé: 5 Tips

• The Art of the Bear Market Resume

As always, these are in the "big list of links" in alphabetical order ... the file of which can be download here:


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