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Sometimes the reading burns ...

Wow … can’t tell at all how these are going to go.  After two weeks with “extras”, I needed them this week.  In fact, I was still surfing around this afternoon hoping to find a few more links that I felt like passing along. One that didn’t make the list really pissed me off. ... Read more »

A little bit of levity ...

For those of us in seemingly unending job searches (I’m about to hit my 15th month), there is a whole lot of “doom and gloom” on a daily basis.  You know this.  I know this.  The media absolutely revels in it.  And, it’s not very good for keeping one’s energy levels up, both for the... Read more »

Things you should have read ... OK, so maybe “should have read” ought to be “might want to read”, after all, few people plow through so much on-line content as I do in a week (yes, primarily to have stuff to pass along to you here, although, obviously, it’s useful to me as well), but these are things that came... Read more »

It's nice to be noticed ...

Well, this was exciting … the folks over at, who have been doing a number of “best of” lists on their blog, just released their “Top 100 Career Advice Blogs” list.  I’d been contacted by them some time back and asked to fill out a questionnaire, and was wondering how that would play out. ... Read more »

Something beyond a job ...

I’d given myself a bit of a break from reading the stuff that would normally be featured in here, indulging in some “fun reading” in archaeology and physics.  However, a book that I recently received caught my eye and went to the top of the to-be-read pile.  I noticed that the introduction to it had... Read more »

I'm just a guy who needs a job ... Been having some struggles over this blog.  On one hand, I really do feel bad if I’m not getting up 2-3 posts a week in here, but I also feel that nobody wants to read me blithering about random stuff.  One of the reasons I’ve set up “regular features” is to have something to... Read more »

These are dark days ... I do try to keep this about “the job search” rather than my job search, but I’m now 14 months into “pounding the pavement”, and sometimes that feels like a total waste.  I got a one-two punch over the past couple of days, hearing back from that recruiter (who was so sure that my... Read more »

I got nuthin' ... Wow.  Sorry about this.  No book feature on Monday … no job industry interview on Wednesday (I was supposed to have one of the latter, but, hey, “excretion occurs”). To tell you the truth, I could fill up this blog on a daily basis with doubt, fear, angst, whining, and random freak-outs, but I’m... Read more »

Well, there you go ... I guess I should just give up trying to make sense of the Twitter data flow, at least in relation to the limited amount of time that I’ve been able to give it in the waning days of the Census (I did get renewed for the next phase, but it should only be another... Read more »