I got nuthin' ...



Wow.  Sorry about this.  No book feature on Monday ... no job industry interview on Wednesday (I was supposed to have one of the latter, but, hey, "excretion occurs").

To tell you the truth, I could fill up this blog on a daily basis with doubt, fear, angst, whining, and random freak-outs, but I'm assuming that if you're also looking for work, you've got enough of that stuff churning around in your head without me adding mine to it.

The Census gig is winding down, at most I've got 3 more weeks there.  I was all excited last week about a recruiter contacting me about (what would be pretty much a dream) job, but I've heard nothing back since we tweaked my resume for that, and I'm assuming the worst (it's easier to do that than "hold my breath") while still hoping to be called in for an interview.

I have been able to block out some more "Twitter time" of late, and so have been seeing a lot more stuff.  One thing I stumbled across today is a free 150-page .pdf book from the folks at Career Rocketeer, whose posts frequently end up in my Friday links.

While I've not had a chance to read this yet, it looks good, and I figured I'd pass along the info ... it's a collection of articles that they've pulled together under the title Launchpad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide (Vol. 1) available at scribed.com ... you might want to check it out.

At least I have a bunch of stuff for Friday's "link dump", possibly with some scuttlebutt from a networking event I'm heading out to on Thursday ... which, by the way, you might be interested in (and they're still taking reservations) ... it's Networking for a Cause, which brings together "young professionals" (but they're still letting me in) and non-profits, and is down at Fado from 5:45-8pm tomorrow night.  I'll be there (not that I anticipate that's too much of a draw), so do say "Hi!" if you see me.

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