The best-laid schemes ...

So the Burns fans out there won't burst with anticipation, "gang aft agley" might have made a better title, but figured the first part was a more familiar route for indicating the flow of this week.


Once again, I'm looking at a fairly thin week in terms of number of articles to pass along here, caused by a combination of various elements that were sequentially keeping me off the computer; and, if I'm off the computer, I'm not (among a myriad of other things) reading Twitter, and if I'm not reading Twitter, I'm not looking at dozens of job-search articles, and if I'm not looking at dozens of job-search articles, well, I'm hardly in a position to pick out the "best" of these to bring to you on Friday, am I?

In fact, one of the seven things I have to present to you this week isn't even about the job search per se, but a very interesting piece penned by somebody "on the other side of the table", looking at a somewhat alternative style of hiring.  As the fellow job-seeker who passed along the link to me (@jenbaty, who is an Investment Analyst looking for a position in the Financial sector) noted, it certainly throws more gasoline on the "cover letter debate" fire!

Also something somewhat different is this (for me) extremely hopeful graphic from


... which shows the increase of Social Media job listings (the start of the upwards curve is just about when I started on my current job hunt - it would be nice if one of those jobs finally shook out for me, right?).  Clicking on this will take you to more info on that.

I suppose that one of the other "time drains" this week was the networking events I went to, but as both of them (one for ChicagoNow, and one for the Social Media Club), were quite good in terms of connections made, renewed, and strengthened, I can hardly fault myself for attending.  Heck, one of them might have even produced a project lead!

Anyway, here are the few things I have for you this week:

• 10 Proven Tips for Job Search Success

• How to Get a New Job When You've Been Fired

• How to Get the Salary You Want


• Top 5 Resources For Career Research

• What to Say in Your Thank You Letter Besides - Thank You!

• Get Over It - Leave Your Baggage At The Door

• Never Read Another Resume

As usual, I've pulled these into the alphabetical "big file of links" which can be download here: 


Oh, one other thing ... my temporary gig with the Census just got a lot more palatable, as they shut down 3rd shift (I was working from Midnight to 8:30am), and I'm now switched back to 2nd shift, with a new assignment which will involve at least some of my identifiable (in this case computer research) skills ... it's not writing or anything creative, but it's better than just transferring info from one piece of paper to another via pencil all night!  Hopefully with my not having to patch-work my sleep, I'll be getting more defined on-line time set and will be back to having LOTS of "hot links" for you coming up.

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