Some weeks it pours ...


This week had no good reason for having a full bunch of links to pass along to you, given the limited amount of time that I was able to interface with Twitter, but there was, especially in the early part of the week, quite the torrent of interesting job pieces, so I was up to a dozen fairly early on.  Lucky you!  

Although it's been very helpful to have some extra money coming in via that Census job, I'm rather relieved that it's winding down.  Working the 3rd shift, while making me nominally available for evening networking events, and interviews (were any to be coming my way) during the day, has really been grinding me down (the details of which I've bored you with previously), and it's, frankly, going to be a relief to be able to go back to doing the job search 12-18 hours a day when that's over with.

Of course, I'm always hoping that some resume is going to result in somebody actually hiring me for a "real job" one of these days.  The biggest irritation with the Census was that it wasn't "real" in the sense that I'd come home from it and spend every waking hour in an increasingly-desperate search for work.  If I was in a "real" job, I'd come home and have some of that legendary free time that I've heard people talk about.  I'm really enthusiastic about finding something that would pay me well for doing the things I do best, and then getting to indulge in that free time stuff when I'm not at work.  How cool would that be?

Anyway, here's a "baker's dozen" of quality Job Search links from what reading I was able to get in this week:

• How To Talk To A Recruiter

• The hidden trend in the monthly jobs report --- and what it means for you

• Changing Careers to Find Jobs

• Cover Letters - Does Anybody Read Those Anymore?

• 3 Things You Should Never Mention on Your Resume

• Job Search: What to Do When You're Overqualified

• FREE BOOK - Launchpad: Career Search Strategy Guide

• 6 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Hired

• (4 Ways) Take Your Resume From Good to GREAT

• 10 Top Tips to Get a Job Using LinkedIn

• 5 Ways Job Seekers Sabotage Themselves

• How to Become a More Savvy Networker Online

• Is That Job Posting a Lie?

Again, I've pulled these into the alphabetical listing in the "big file of links" (which is up to 18 pages of high-quality job search reading) the latest version can be download here:


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