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Wow ... another rough week.  I hate to be complaining in here about a job (albeit a temporary job that is paying less than half of what I'd need "a real job" to), but this Census gig is quite a grind.  I opted to take the 3rd shift posting there because I tend to work late into the night anyway, it would free my schedule for attending networking events in the evening, and (like the 2nd shift I started on) still give me the opportunity to go to interviews (if any such events found their way onto my calendar) during the day.  Unfortunately, I guess I really didn't give enough thought to what taking out 10 hours from a 24-hour day would do to my attempts to put 12-18 hours of job search activities into every day.  Something "had to give" and it's been a combination of my sleep (currently down to maybe five hours a day) and my Twitter reading.  Now, I have tried to keep up the latter as much as possible, given that I don't have web access down at the Census, but I find that I have a whole desktop full of "saved" 800-tweet searches, and have had be be dedicating most of my Friday to getting caught up with that if I am to bring you a list of links every week.

So far, I've bitten the bullet and plowed through hours of this reading in a row to fill up my "ArticleLinks.txt" file ... but there has been some thought (via family feedback) towards maybe making this a less-frequent feature.  Frankly, I'm leaning towards the "more reading - less sleeping" side of things as it is also clear to me that the less "Twitter-stream" that runs through my eyeballs the fewer job opportunities I see.  As I spend most of my Saturdays cranking out resumes, this would get into another time-vs-activity battle ... and all of this leads down a slippery slope towards my doing no job search activities, yet having time to sleep, play with my kids, do such "fun" things as I can recall existing, etc. ... while lamb-to-the-slaughter complacently awaiting financial armageddon.

Anyway, you are currently the lucky recipients of the fruit of my dread of inactivity ... as every moment not spent in the job search still makes me think of comfy spots to sleep under overpasses that might well be the product of those small degrees of personal sloth in today's schedule!  Behind the break are a solid dozen links from about six straight hours of reading:

• Resumes for the Digital Age

• Beyond the Resume: Part 2

• Beyond the Resume: Part 1

• Entrepreneur or Unemployed?

• Need a Job? The Recession and Offshoring Don't Have to Be Obstacles

• Don't Become a Statistic - Tips for Staying Focused throughout the Job Search

• The 10 Worst Social Media Mistakes That Will Prevent You From Landing a Job

• Resume tricks that will backfire on you

• CareerBuilder Helps to Solve 'Black Hole' for Job Applicants with New Technology

• Unemployment Down, Hiring Up

• Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

• America's Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs

As usual, these have been added into the big file where all the links featured here have been archived ... the current iteration of which you can download here: 


  ... now 16 pages of solid links in .doc format!

By the way ... did you read the story about this one company specifically telling "the unemployed" to not bother sending in a resume?  What planet are those guys living on?  I'd be happily ensconced in a six-figure "Chief Communications Officer" gig with a cutting-edge social media / virtual worlds developer had the economy not tanked and said development company go out of business!  So, just because I (and the thousands of others with similar stories) have been out of work for a year, we're chopped liver?  That makes me crazy ... it's bad enough to be "on the sidelines" for this long (and I can't even begin to tell you how much I ache to be "back in the game") but being told that you're not even worth considering is enough to drive one MAD!   

Care to share your own stories?  You do realize there's this whole "comment" thing down there, don't you?

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